The following part of this site explain the original scripts. Has you can download sources, you are free to adapt, change, remove some parts to fit your needs or improve the code.

This suite is under GPL license and I would really appreciate any feedback of modifications but at one condition : This script is intend to be readable by everybody or kept at the most simple possible. It mean that code writing challenge is not a good thing here instead it has a real impact on the solution. My code is far to be perfect and I now some defaults (DAO on fast ticket should be re-written for exemple )…

So let’s go:

Mantis(BT)-pilot is an addon to the mantibt traking system.

Pilot is a suite of three tools that permit a manager to track the activity of his team and also, for members of the team, to be able to see the charge consumed per day.

Pilot has been developped by me, a IT guy. It mean that i’m not a developer and I tried to be the more readable has I could. At the beginning of this small project, I wasn’t thinking on putting it on Internet. The time passing, I start to think on it and now, here I’am. I share it with you.

Opensource bring so many satisfaction that I couldn’t keep this small suite to me and not sharing it. Of course, this tool is absolutly not perfect and may be, it will need to be modified to fit your needs, but well… it can be a starting point.

I had some prequisits while I was working on this subject :

  • No modifications at all in any original mantisBT files. I want to be able to upgrade and evoluting with mantisBT versions
  • Code must be easy because I’m not an PHP/Mysql Expert.
  • Result must be easy, simple and « intuitive ».
The suite contain three tools : fast-ticket, extract, timesheet. Each tools are independant and can be used without others.  Timesheet need an additional mysql database.

General overview

In order to manage activity we have some principes :

  1. ALL activity is inserted on mantis :  Bugs, actions, freetime
  2. Time consumed by everybody for each action is inserted in a « custom mantisBT field »
  3. In total, we have 4 mantiBT custom fields.
  4. Timesheet wil be sort by project
  5. Team users must have >70 profile in mantisBT
  6. others users are < 70 profile in mantisBT


Fast ticket permit to a member of the team to create a fast closed ticket. The user will have a html formula to fill.

  • User (dropdown box with all profiles > 70 in mantibt)
  • List of projects (all actives projects from mantisBT)
  • List of categories (all active categories from mantisBT)
  • Custom field « imputation » (Is the « time consumed » inserted below on the formula will be associated to the project itself or to an other)
  • Subject
  • Description
  • Time consumed (how many units did we passed on the subject)
  • Send button.

Additionnal informations on the Fast-Ticket page


Extract is a tool that extract datas from mantisBT on an array format depending our custom fields.

It is easy then to import this one-page array to excel or any table tool and doing some Dynamic cross references.

We could use natural mantisBT feature but with this page, it can be called by all users that have the excel sheet in hand and no mantisBT credentials.


Timesheet will extract from mantisBT database to his own all tickets on which the custom field « Time consumed » has been modified.

This time sheet will extract datas for the month and put them on his database. Then an array will be presented with in vertical all days of the months and on horizontal all project on witch we have worked.

For each days, you’ll find the amount of time consumed with a reminder (in popup) on which project you worked.

Additionnal : Regular timesheet.

then we can create a valid timesheet with only 10 units per days. All tickets from the TS database will then be moved/cutted/arranged in order to fill all days with 10 units.

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